Augnablik - Arts Collective

was founded in 1991 as a platform for artistic creation, research and education, bringing together actors, musicians and visual artists. Augnablik activities in 1991 - 2000 include theatre performances, concerts and workshops.


In 2003 nature preservation became the main focus of Augnablik. Tours to endangered nature pearls in Iceland were organized, at first focusing on Kringilsárrani, an area flooded by Kárahnjúkavirkjun hydropower plant in 2009. The Icelandic wilderness continue to draw Augnablik travellers and the tours to Langisjór have been very much loved. The photos on this page are from various Augnablik tours.

Augnablik is also a choir, as the Augnablik artists and their friends gather every Christmas to sing a mass at Landspítalinn hospital.

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2003 - 2015   Regular tours to Kringilsárrani, Torfajökull area and Langisjór


2000  Helgar myndir / Holy Images

Workshop performance by Maureen Flemming and workshop participants

1998   Dimmalimm

Children's play, reworked for performances at Iðnó

1997   Tristan and Isolde

Adaption and direction: Harpa Arnardóttir

1995   Píla prinsessa og polli

Children's play

1994   Barnagull

A full days program at the Children's tent at the Republic of Iceland 50th anniversary celebrations at Þingvellir. Music and theatre with more than 20 participating artists.

1993   Júlía og Mánafólkið

Children's play

1993   Agape - my journey to Ukraine

A program by Ásta Arnardóttir, live performance at Kramhúsið and radio program on RUV, public radio service.

1992   Dimmalimm

Children's play. Performed at kindergartens in the Reykjavik area

1991   Sjónleikur fyrir Hörpu í Himnaríki / Monologue for Harpa in Heaven

Specially made for Harpa Arnardóttir by Sjón (Sigurjón B. Sigurðsson)


1992 - ongoing   The Augnablik choir sings a mass at Landspitalinn hospital

every Christmas

2002  Winter solstice celebration event for the preservation of the wilderness of

Iceland. A big event at Austurvöllur in front of the House of Parliament,

with the participation of well known musicians, writers, actors and

visual artists.

1993   Salisbury and The Guildhall, England

Flutists Kristín Guðmundsdóttir and Tristan Cardew

with piano player Rustem Hairutdinov

1993   Faroe Islands and Sigurjón Ólafsson Art museum

Flutists Kristín Guðmundsdóttir and Tristan Cardew

with piano player Elín Anna Ísaksdóttir

1992   National Gallery of Iceland

Flutists Kristín Guðmundsdóttir and Tristan Cardew

with piano player Þorsteinn Gauti Sigurðsson


2000  Helgar myndir / Holy Images

Butoh workshop with Maureen Flemming


1996  Butoh workshop with Maureen Flemming

1993   Helgar máltíðir / Holy Meals

Research project in cooperation with Langholtskirkja church and Haukur Ingi Jónasson. Lectures by bishop Sigurbjörn Einarsson and priest Auður Eir Vilhjálmsdóttir

Theatre festivals and tours

1994   Nordiska Sagor och mytor. Lund, Sweden. Dimmalimm

1994   Reykjavik Arts Festival. Dimmalimm

1994   Teaterfestival Odense. Odense, Denmark. Júlía og Mánafólkið

1993   Nordisk teaterfestival for barn og ungdom, Assitej. Kristianssand, Norway.


1992   Loftárás á Seyðisfjörð, Independent Arts Festival.

Monologue for Harpa in Heaven

1992   An Evening of Arts, Akureyri. Monologue for Harpa in Heaven

Photo: Jóhann Ísberg